Monograph "Evaluation and Management of Land Use" cover

Evaluation and Management of Land Use

Armands Auziņš, Riga Technical University, Latvia

Scientific Editor:
Ineta Geipele, Riga Technical University, Latvia

In the scientific monograph, the problems of land use management are described, the ways of finding its solutions are indicated, and a significance of efficiency domain in land management is emphasized. The research analyses the theoretical aspects of the evaluation of land use and contains methodological solutions for promoting sustainable land management. Topicality of the research is related to the necessity to monitor continuously the usage of land-related resources as well as to substantiate the decision-making in order to provide an efficient and sustainable use of these resources in the public interest.
The research methods and results illustrated in the scientific monograph can be applied to further scientific research projects. Scientifically sound findings and methodological solutions developed by the author can be used at all land management levels and are being approbated at municipal level.

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