Ģeopolimēra saistviela ilgtspējīgu alternatīvo būvmateriālu ražošanai. Doctoral Thesis. cover

Ģeopolimēra saistviela ilgtspējīgu alternatīvo būvmateriālu ražošanai

Doctoral Thesis

Laura Vītola, Riga Technical University, Latvia
ORCID iDhttps://orcid.org/0000-0002-8169-3878

In the Doctoral Thesis, geopolymer binders corresponding to the European Green Deal have been developed, and their properties investigated.

The properties of geopolymer binders are characterised depending on the composition, temperature and mixing time of the composition, as well as the presence of zeolites in the composition. The mechanical and physical properties of geopolymer binders were determined, the microstructure was studied, the chemical and mineralogical composition was determined, and their suitability for the production of bio-composites was characterised.

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