Summary of the Doctoral Thesis "Latvijas zivsaimniecības nozares konkurētspējas novērtēšana klastera ietvaros" cover

Latvijas zivsaimniecības nozares konkurētspējas novērtēšana klastera ietvaros

Summary of the Doctoral Thesis

Inese Biukšāne, Riga Technical University, Latvia

In the development of Latvia’s economy fisheries sector has always played a significant role, especially in development of the Baltic Sea and Riga Gulf coastline areas. The fisheries sector has not only a long-standing history and traditions, but also an internal development potential and the ability to produce competitive products in the world market. Evaluation and facilitation of sector’s cluster competitiveness is a topical issue among companies and institutions working in the cluster. Methodology for evaluation of competitiveness is not unequivocal, therefore the author is going to offer her own view of evaluation of competitiveness of fisheries sector cluster. The PhD thesis provides a comprehensive insight into the Fisheries Sector Cluster of Latvia and its operation. The essence of the cluster and benefits from its operation as well as mutual interaction and cooperation between the cluster’s participants are reflected. It deals with analysis of cluster’s development and importance in facilitation of growth of Latvian national economy. A critical analysis of a concept of economic agents’ competitiveness and their influencing factors is included. A conception on competitiveness evaluation levels was elaborated and implemented, a definition of fisheries sector cluster’s competitiveness was improved as well as Model of the Factors Influencing Competitiveness of the Fisheries Sector Cluster was elaborated and implemented. To evaluate and facilitate the competitiveness of Fisheries Sector Cluster of Latvia, evaluation methodology was elaborated and implemented, including, development of marketing and management efficiency evaluation indicators (Sales Efficiency Ratios and Efficiency of Management Abilities Ratios), Fisheries Sector Cluster Competitiveness Index and the types of strategies to be implemented for facilitation of competitiveness. The competitiveness of Fisheries Sector Cluster of Latvia is evaluated. A sectoral competitiveness level is determined, the spheres currently ensuring the competitiveness and strategies to be implemented are identified. A detailed evaluation of opportunities to facilitate the sectoral competitiveness is offered. The results of the PhD thesis can be practically used in establishment of the global fisheries policy and Common Fisheries Policy of the EU, facilitating convergence of less developed regions and states, and in formation and planning of the policy at a national level as well as by companies operating in the sector in their decision-making concerning the need in improvement of competitiveness.

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