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Ocean and Marine Energy Options and Development

Summary of the Doctoral Thesis

Jānis Beriņš, Riga Technical University, Latvia

Work is about the ocean and sea waves, as the energy sub-sector, their potential role and development. It describes wave energy potential research in the world in the Baltics and in Latvia. An assessment of the wave energy potential of the Baltic Sea in the Latvian Exclusive Economic zone has been carried out according to a method specifically designed for this purpose. An overview of the developments in the world of equipment is being reviewed. Criteria for choosing a wave-energy conversion device are outlined. A choice of possible type of transformer for wave power plant has been made. Laboratory for transducer testing was developed, the model of the selected equipment was developed, the laboratory and the required measuring techniques and technology were developed, and the results of the testing of the equipment model were described. The wave power plant technical feasibility study has been carried out on the basis of the valuated wave power potential and developed wave energy converter, with the presumption of some missing data. Challenging tasks for future work has been carried out.

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