Summary of the Doctoral Thesis "UV Activated Copolymerization Coatings of Urethane Acrylates for Use in the Cosmetic Industry" cover

UV Activated Copolymerization Coatings of Urethane Acrylates for Use in the Cosmetic Industry

Summary of the Doctoral Thesis

Zane Grigale-Soročina, Riga Technical University, Latvia

In the dissertation compositions of urethane diacrylates and monoacrylates have been studied, which when curing under the conditions of UV-activated copolymerization process meeting the requirements of cosmetic varnishes, form cross-linked structure coatings with high strength-deformation, surface hardness, surface light reflectance, adhesion and other parameters.

The review of the literature summarizes information on the types of natural nail coatings and the basic components entering them. Restrictions on the choice of basic components entering the system are described. The effect of conditions and components on the natural nail is described.

The materials used in the research are described in the methodological part of the work. The process of obtaining compositions is described. The research methods used are described: characterization of rheological properties of non-polymerized compositions, differential thermal analysis of polymerization process, determination of polymerization depth, determination of crosslinked part of polymerized systems, determination of yield tensile strength-deformation, coating surface hardness, surface gloss and surface wear, assessment of adhesion and its durability, in-vitro and in-vivo coating adhesion studies on natural nails, spectroscopic analysis of pigmented coatings and assessment of color constancy, comparison of coating compositions in terms of their functionality and effects on human health.

In the experimental part of the work, methodologies for component selection, composite system formation and obtaining appropriate coatings have been developed. A methodology has been developed for the evaluation of the set of structures and properties of the obtained coatings. The influence of the chemical nature and content ratios of urethane diacrylates and monoacrylates suitable for the formation of separate cosmetic coatings on the indicators of cross-linked structures formed in the process of UV-activated copolymerization and the corresponding indicators of coating properties has been studied. The influence of individual additives on the properties of cross-linked coatings, their adhesion to the surface and the durability of the coating at removal process has been evaluated.

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