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3. nodaļa: Great Again? Tax Reform and the Prospects for U.S. Growth

Douglas S. Meade, INFORUM, Merilendas universitāte, ASV

Zinātniskie redaktori: Velga Ozoliņa, Douglas S. Meade

We will make America strong again.
We will make America proud again.
We will make America safe again.
And we will make America great again.
Donald Trump

The slogans above were repeated like a mantra in Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign appearances. These, and oft heard shouts of “Build the wall!” and “Lock her up!” provided an easily recognizable brand to the campaign. But why did the phrase “make America great again” resonate so strongly with Trump voters? Wasn’t the U.S. the world’s largest economy, with the most powerful military, a good place to invest and do business, and a yardstick for productivity and efficiency? With an unemployment rate under 5 percent, a strong stock market, and an economic expansion entering its sixth year, wasn’t America already great?

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