Ar termoakustisko dzinēju darbināms magnetohidrodinamiskais ģenerators. cover

Ar termoakustisko dzinēju darbināms magnetohidrodinamiskais ģenerators

Summary of the Doctoral Thesis

Artūrs Brēķis, Riga Technical University, Latvia

The PhD Thesis is devoted to a new type of energy converter for deep space applications. It consists of an alternating current magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) generator with liquid sodium as a working body and thermoacoustic engine, which drives the generator by forcing the liquid metal to oscillate in the magnetic field. The main novelty of this work is that both technologies are coupled in one device, which has not been done anywhere in the world before. There are no mechanically moving parts in the device. This allows the facility to be characterized as highly reliable and maintenance free, which is especially important for long term deep space flights. In the Thesis an analytical, numerical and experimental investigation is performed to study present technology, as well as construction and building of the whole facility itself.

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