Kokvilnas dzijas un jauktu šķiedru trikotāžas virsmas modifikācijas veiktspējas uzlabošanai

Doctoral Thesis

Ieva Baķe, Riga Technical University, Latvija
ORCID iDhttps://orcid.org/0000-0002-3268-2865

The Thesis discusses and develops a method – surface modification options and technologies for cotton yarn and cotton/mixed fibre composition knitted fabrics. The effect of modification on the parametric properties of knitted products and wearing comfort is discussed and evaluated. A method for yarn modification using sol-gel technology is developed, and the effect of modification on the physical and mechanical properties of the yarn is evaluated. The technological sequence of preparation and knitting for the production of knitted fabrics of mixed fibre composition is developed. The patent “Technique for Imparting Additional Functional Properties to Knitted Fabrics by Modification of Textile Yarns” has been developed.

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