Polimēra kompozītu sildelementi cilvēka ķermenim komfortablas temperatūras nodrošināšanai

Doctoral Thesis

Astrīda Bērziņa, Riga Technical University, Latvia
ORCID iDhttps://orcid.org/0000-0003-1884-3404

The Thesis examines the influence of composite heating on electrical conductivity by heating externally and in self-heating mode with an applied voltage. For polychloroprene carbon black composites, a negative temperature coefficient of resistance (TC) is observed, but for ethylene-octene (EOK) carbon black (CB) composites, a positive TC is determined, so EOK-CB composites can act as a self-regulating heating material. A polar matrix has a significant impact on the overall electrical conductivity of the composite compared to a non-polar one. The images obtained from the electroconductive mode of the atomic force microscope for the EOK-CB composites are analysed to characterise the arrangement of particles in the composite.

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