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Research and Improvement of the Performance of Road Transport Wireless Communication Networks

Summary of the Doctoral Thesis

Arnis Ancāns, Riga Technical University, Latvia

Global development trends such as the increase in the number of cars, an increased number of smart devices with wireless network connections, and the rapid increase in the amount of transmitted information promote the demand for higher data exchange speed, mobility, and higher level of connectivity. Consequently, data transmission services are also required when users travel by vehicle. As the number of vehicles increases, the problems related to road safety and traffic flow management need to be addressed as well. These problems underline the need for modern, technically, and economically justified communication solutions for Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). One of the wireless network technologies that can be used for ITS needs, in particular for providing car passengers with access to the data transmission network, is WLAN IEEE 802.11n/ac. The implementation of such WLAN-based automotive wireless access networks requires several issues to be addressed, mainly related to fast-moving objects. In practice, a two-rank wireless network is used, which can provide access to the Internet.

Several testbeds of a two-rank road transport communication network using WLAN IEEE 802.11n and LTE technologies were created and studied in the developed Doctoral Thesis. The change in the traffic characteristics of a two-rank communication network was experimentally assessed using LTE hardware from various manufacturers. The performance of such hybrid communication channels was studied depending on the velocity of mobile customers, the number of customers, and the traffic scenarios used. New relationships characterising the performance of the integrated IEEE 802.11n and LTE road transport networks and describing the dependence of network throughput on the velocity of mobile client movement were obtained. A single-rank IEEE 802.11ac technology-based automotive communications testbed has also been developed and studied within the Doctoral Thesis. An improved handover algorithm based on the IEEE 802.11v protocol has been developed and implemented during the research. The relationships describing the performance of such single-rank automotive communication network were theoretically evaluated.

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