Čukstošas galeriju modas rezonatoru izstrāde un pielietojuma novērtējums šķiedru optiskajām sakaru sistēmām

Doctoral Thesis

Rihards Mūrnieks, Riga Technical University, Latvia
ORCID iDhttps://orcid.org/0000-0003-2034-9499

The potential whispering gallery mode resonator-based optical frequency comb light source is an ideal candidate, in terms of stability and power efficiency, for optical communication systems to replace the laser array solution. Silica microspheres and micro-rods are relatively simple to fabricate from the standard single-mode fibre. The Doctoral Thesis evaluates optical frequency comb light sources based on silica microspheres and micro-rods and the implementation of optical frequency comb light sources for wavelength-division multiplexing passive optical networks and data centre interconnects.

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