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Efficient Waste Management Sector

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Kaspars Kļavenieks, Rīgas Tehniskā universitāte, Latvija

The research object of the doctoral thesis is the municipal waste management system. Now when the concept of the circular economy has been implemented, the waste management system also needs to shift to a new paradigm where waste is perceived as a resource. To implement the New Approach in practice and to achieve the goals of the sector, requires upgrading the existing system, building its capacity and improving the solutions applied. Successful implementation of this approach requires effective, evidence-based management of the waste sector, including an adequate and timely decision-making process. The hypothesis putted forward for the study assumes that the management of the waste sector can be improved by promoting its efficiency by moving towards the goals of the circular economy. This can be done by using statistical data and experimentally derived data characterizing the waste management sector, as well as by improving data processing methodologies and empirical models. The study analyzes the sources of information available for system evaluation and calculations of the indicators used to characterize the system. The study also analyzes the effectiveness of policy tools and technological solutions to achieve the objectives defined. In the outcome part of the study, alternative scenarios for system development are prepared and the effectiveness of these scenarios is evaluated. The dissertation is based on five thematically unified scientific publications, published in scientific journals and available in scientific publications databases. The doctoral thesis is written in Latvian. Its introduction defines the purpose of the research and defines the tasks to be accomplished, substantiates the topicality of the research, describes the research methods, as well as summarizes the research results approbation at scientific conferences and lists the author’s publications. The first chapter of the doctoral thesis gives an overview of the research topics, identifies the main problems and outlines possible solutions. The second section describes the research methods. The third chapter of the doctoral thesis reflects the results of the research. The paper concludes with a summary of the main conclusions.

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