Gumijas korda elastīgo sajūgu un to stiprinājuma bultskrūvju atteikumu pētījums

Summary of Doctoral Thesis

Dimitrijs Gorbačovs, Riga Technical University, Latvia

In the Thesis the methodology was developed for preventing the failure of the rubber-cord coupling and its fastening bolts. The methodology was tested on rubber-cord couplings, which are widely used in railway rolling stock. Statistics of failures of rubber-cord couplings and their fastening bolts were collected and studied in detail. The data on pitch angles of rubber-cord coupling was aggregated. One-sided stretching tests of various rubber-cord coupling samples were performed in the RTU laboratory. Load deformation graphs were obtained and the causes of the rubber-cord coupling bolts damage were clarified. Calculations were made using the SolidWorks software, and the search for loads affecting the occurrence of defects in the rubber-cord coupling shell was carried out.

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