Grāmatas "Skolotāja profesionālā identitāte" vāks

Teacher Professional Identity

Ausma Špona, University of Latvia, Latvia

Airisa Šteinberga, Riga Technical University, Latvia

Māra Vidnere

Jeļena Jermolajeva, University of Culture and economics, Latvia

Tatjana Bogdanova, Smolensk State University, Russia

Svetlana Siļčenkova, Smolensk State University, Russia

Nikolajs Senčenkovs, Smolensk State University, Russia

Scientific Editor:
Airisa Šteinberga, Riga Technical University, Latvia

The monograph describes the structural content model of teacher professional identity (TPI) consisting of six components: philosophy of the profession, professional knowledge, professional roles, professional attitudes to action, interaction with colleagues and behaviour of professional representation.
The model was created by developing a theoretical model of the professional identity of teachers and is based on a broad study of pedagogy and psychology literature on professional identity. The authors of the monograph are Latvian and Russian pedagogy researchers who have carried out a joint study to bring together the Western and Eastern European countries in organising the human education process and scientific research.
The monograph is intended for pedagogy and psychology researchers and practitioners, education leaders, students ‒ teachers-to-be –, as well as anyone with an in-depth interest in the nature of the academic profession.

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