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Long-Term Evaluation Framework Elaboration for the Broadband Internet Service Quality Supervision

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Elmārs Lipenbergs, Rīgas Tehniskā universitāte, Latvija

Currently, electronic communication and content services available to users, are mostly already obtainable by using an internet accessibility service, which gradually replaces various previously used types of communication and access to content. The research and internet usage forecasts predict that the total amount of data transmitted will grow threefold over the next five years. One of the most significant projects in the technology advancement field for the provision of electronic communication network transmission functions is the introduction of 5G technology. Alongside access to the internet provided in fixed networks, the developments of mobile technology outline the 4G and 5G technology network development scenarios and suggest that by 2025 the number of mobile communication user connections among mobile operator networks worldwide will be close to 6 billion. The Doctoral Thesis reflects the work performed within the framework of the study on the implementation of a quality monitoring model that corresponds with the developments of technology for an internet access service. An assessment of an existing quality monitoring framework has been performed and suggestions have been provided for an engineering solutions concept of a methodology for sustainably adaptable broadband internet quality readings and of data mathematical analytics for the harmonisation of quality monitoring regulations. Study results linked to the quality of broadband internet services have been summarised in this Thesis by offering suggestions for the implementation of a fully functioning and complex quality monitoring model by providing the implementation of the components of the developed model in the regulatory documentation on an international level as well as a practical application in Latvia.

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